Good Quality Supplements and Why You Need Them. Week 85 Tip

By: David Meine

| August 13, 2023

Welcome everybody to More Than Healthy as we continue to share our weekly health tips. Can you believe we’re on Tip #85? This week’s tip is especially exciting, as we’re addressing the incredibly important topic of good quality supplements and why you need them.  

You know we talk a lot about supplementation here at More Than Healthy. Carla and I have spent a lot of time researching the best sources for each of our supplements. Over the past ten years that we’ve been on this health journey, we’ve literally bought hundreds of bottles of supplements, powders, and oils from dozens of different companies. We’ve recommended several of them to you in our tips and videos.  

But recently we’ve scrapped them all because we’ve found something better. We want to share a supplemental breakthrough with you that we are incredibly excited about. In fact, we think this is a supplement game changer. 

Does it really matter what brand of vitamins you buy?

You might ask, does it really matter what brand of vitamins and minerals you use? The short answer is, absolutely! Although vitamins and supplements are regulated by the FDA, they don’t regulate what the ingredients are. The quality and quantity of the ingredients aren’t regulated either. Believe it or not, the FDA’s only job is to identify the products that cause harm AFTER they’ve been on the market. 

If your body can’t assimilate the supplements properly, those supplements turn into expensive urine. Not only does this mean money is wasted, it also means your body isn’t getting any benefit from those supplements. So yes, brand matters when it comes to supplementation. And it’s up to you, the consumer, to figure out which supplements are good quality.

What is the most reliable source for supplements?

Recently, Carla and I have found a new source for all of our supplements. We are incredibly happy to introduce Optimal Health Systems, otherwise known as OHS.

One reason we’re so excited about OHS is that all of their supplements are made from 100% whole food sources, not synthetic products. Since they come from food sources, they closely match the makeup of the foods you eat. Your body can utilize these vitamins and minerals much more efficiently and effectively than a synthetic supplement.  

For example, we were taking a high-quality vitamin C (or what we thought was high quality). When we were introduced to OHS, we double-checked the ingredients of our vitamin C. Right there on the label, it says ascorbate acid as the main ingredient. If you look at OHS vitamin C, it comes from cherry, black currant, orange, and grapefruit juice powders. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that your body will probably assimilate a supplement that comes from whole foods better.

How do I know if supplements are good quality?

We were so shocked by this that Carla immediately reviewed the list of all of our supplements. Even though we had done a lot of research, and these products came highly recommended, several had synthetic ingredients. It was the main ingredient in some of them, and in others, it was listed later on the ingredient panel.  

I couldn’t believe it. I’d been doing so much work to take all these supplements every day, and some of them probably weren’t helping me very much. Fortunately, we take the approach that we want to get most of our vitamins and minerals from our food. But the truth is that the ground doesn’t have all the vitamins and minerals it used to, so it’s simply not always possible to get everything we need from food alone.  

What form of supplement is best absorbed?

Another incredibly impressive thing about OHS is that their supplements are 80% predigested.  This means it is significantly easier for the body to absorb the supplement. Here is how it works.

OHS created a breakthrough cellular delivery system. They worked with the world’s leading authority in plant enzyme digestion and organic mineral absorption to create this delivery system. Blood work proved that these predigested products were digested entirely and delivered all the nutrients in the formulas to the cellular level.  

What this means to us is that their supplements have the ability to get into our system quickly and have a positive effect in a concise amount of time.

We’ve only been using their products for a few months, and we’re already seeing the impact of this technology, especially in the area of digestion. 

For example, if our clients have digestive issues, Carla has them take Optimal 1 Digestion before each meal. They have all reported back that they experience less gas, bloating, heartburn, etc, with their meals. It’s a great plant enzyme that helps break down your food so your system can digest it more efficiently. Carla and I have been taking enzymes for years, but this product is so much more effective. 

In addition, if you hesitate to take supplements because they tend to upset your stomach, then OHS products are for you. Because they are 100% whole-foods based and in predigested form, they are extra easy on the gut.

Where is the best place to buy health supplements online?

   Another reason we think OHS is the best source for good quality supplements is their innovative system that makes it so easy to take your supplements.

Instead of buying lots of different bottles of oils or powders, OHS makes individualized packets of everything I need to take. I take three packets a day, and they are labeled with morning, noon, and evening, so I know exactly when I need to take them. 

Instead of having to organize all my supplements into a pill box every week, I don’t even have to think about it. I simply rip off the packet, and I get everything I need. All of these bottles have been replaced. When I travel, I just take the number of packets I’ll need for how many days I’ll be gone. It’s incredibly efficient and makes it so much easier to remember to take everything.

OHS uses a patented delivery system that uses 100% whole food-based vitamins. It’s simply the best we’ve ever seen. 

How can I save money on supplements?

OHS also helps you save money on supplements. When we added up what we spent on all of our usual monthly supplements, we discovered that ordering them all in the individualized packets through OHS saved us about 20%. This is true even though many of our supplements were coming from affordable sources, such as Costco.

Our clients are having the same experience. After doing a More Than Healthy Hair Analysis, Carla does a free 15-minute consultation with each client. She then puts them on a packet of OHS that is completely customized to their needs. This OHS blend is typically 20% cheaper than if they were to buy each supplement separately. 

More Than Healthy Hair Analysis and Good Quality Supplements

We’re so excited to help our clients get on Optimal Health Systems. We want all of you to experience the ease of taking these packets of vitamins and see how much better you feel. It’s truly the next step at More than Healthy in helping you achieve your optimal health.  

If you’d like to find out if you have a parasite, mold/spores, fungus, or any other environmental stressor and see what vitamins and minerals you’re deficient in, go to our website and schedule your hair analysis today. With just a few strands of your hair, you’ll receive a full report that looks at the information we discussed today and so much more.   

And then, in just 15 minutes, Carla can put together a completely customized OHS package for you. We think you’ll be shocked at how much better you’ll feel when you begin giving your body exactly what it needs, in high-quality, absorbable form.

OHS and More Than Healthy

As always, we enjoy hearing from you. If you have any questions about this new, cutting-edge OHS supplementation system, go to our social media pages on Facebook or Instagram (@morethanhealthyliving). We try to respond to all questions. 

We’d love to become your health coaches as you work to become “more than healthy” and achieve optimal health. Thanks for joining us, and we’ll see you next week.


Note: Remember, we’re not doctors. We’re just sharing what’s worked for us on our health journey. You will want to consult your doctor before significantly changing your diet and supplementation.