What are the Health Benefits of Hair Analysis?

By: Carla Meine CFNC

| January 4, 2023

This week is Tip #53, which answers the question, what are the health benefits of hair analysis? Have you heard about this incredible health application? We are beyond excited to be able to offer this cutting-edge technology to our More Than Healthy clients. Hair analysis is truly a game-changer when it comes to providing “inside information” about our health. Watch the Weekly Video Tip by clicking this link.

Is hair analysis more accurate than a blood test?

I’ve spent the last few years as a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor coaching individuals on how to overcome their health challenges. It’s been incredibly rewarding to help others reclaim their health. 

But part of that coaching has involved some guesswork and is based on trial and error. There often aren’t physical symptoms that tell me what’s really “going on in there.” And most bloodwork isn’t thorough enough to tell me exactly what each client is deficient in.

Enter hair analysis. This technology truly is the missing piece. It removes the guesswork as my clients and I work to identify exactly what their body needs. The information available from just four strands of hair is absolutely amazing!

David’s Hair Analysis experience

If you’ve been following us, or if you’ve read our book Unlocking the Leaky Gut Code, you know that David has been working on improving his health for over six years. Many of those years were spent in trial and error, working to figure out what the root causes of his issues were and how to solve them. He has worked so hard to reclaim his health, remaining committed to avoiding all sugar, gluten, and dairy. And he’s seen amazing results. 

David has bloodwork done at least twice a year, and each time we’ve seen all his numbers continue to improve. But he still had a leaky gut. It wasn’t until he did a hair analysis that we found out he had a parasite. We don’t know where he picked it up, but his hair analysis showed it was there. (Note: It’s actually pretty common to get parasites from the food and water we ingest. Most of the time our bodies can handle it, but when we can’t, we need to take extra steps to get rid of them.)

Having this knowledge makes everything make so much more sense! Even though he diligently supplements his healthy diet with vitamins and minerals, he still showed a deficiency in his labs. Now we knew why! That parasite made it so his body was unable to assimilate all the vitamins and minerals through food or supplementation. In six years and hundreds of hours of appointments and labs, no doctor or bloodwork had ever told him that. Hair analysis, however, gave us detailed information about it.

My Hair Analysis experience

I also had quite the revelation when I got my hair analysis results. Luckily, I don’t have many health issues. So I was surprised to learn I had a fungus. I had no idea. And that fungus was preventing me from synthesizing my protein and my B vitamins. Just like David, I was eating all the right foods, but because of this fungus, my body wasn’t pulling out the nutrients it needs from those foods and using them. It was like I wasn’t even eating those foods. If that continues over a long period of time then we will start to have negative health consequences.  

The person that administered the test reviewed my results and then asked, “Aren’t you having low energy?”  I told her I felt fine. She responded, “Well, we’ve caught this early, and I’m sure all the things you do for a healthy lifestyle are making a big difference, and are why you’re not experiencing more side effects.”

What can hair analysis reveal?

Conventional lab work (like blood draws) typically diagnose and treat what’s above the surface, focusing on symptoms. Functional labs, like hair analysis, look at what’s below the surface, focusing on the root cause of the disease. Hair analysis gives you an overview of all systems being affected in the body. It allows a close-up look at vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, amino acids, environmental exposures, parasites, mold, and fungal overgrowth. 

Hair analysis is an invaluable tool that allows us to build a nutrition profile specific to what your body needs. With the results, we can put together a nutrition plan that can include:

  • An individualized diet 
  • Vitamin and mineral supplementation
  • Probiotics to combat bacteria overgrowth and improve gut health
  • Specific cleanses to take care of heavy metal exposure, parasites, molds, fungi, and viruses

How does hair analysis work?

Hair analysis is easy and non-invasive. All you need are 4 hairs (we use small tweezers to grab them from the back of the head at the base of the skull), and then we place them on our scanner. In about 15 minutes, a comprehensive, 36-page report will be sent to your email. 

I will be available to work with some clients to develop a 90-day personalized health plan. If you are interested in More Than Healthy Functional Nutrition Counseling, click here. We will discuss the top three or four things that are most urgent for you to do over the next 90 days and recommendations on what to eat, what to avoid, and how to cleanse and supplement your system.

We recommend a follow-up hair analysis in 90 days, which allows you to see exactly how well your health plan is working, and what the next steps should be in your journey to optimal health and wellness.

The science behind hair analysis

Some of you may be wondering how taking 4 strands of hair and putting it on a scanner can really give you about 36 pages of information. Our strands of hair keep a health record for about 90 days. Think of it like a tree trunk. If you cut a tree down and look at the rings inside that section of the trunk, it tells the history of that tree. Each ring represents a period of time in the life of that tree. Your hair does the same thing. Each strand accumulates a record of what’s going on in your body.  

The technology is fascinating. We use a device called an S-Drive, which is a peripheral device to a computer. This device was designed to digitize the epigenetic data found in the hair bulb follicle. The gathered follicle information (excluding the client’s name and address) is encrypted by the S-drive program before being securely sent through an internet connection to an encrypted server at our informational center located in Hamburg, Germany. 

Here the data is decoded, translated, and scrutinized through an array of logarithms connected to an Ai processor, which then generates the completed commentary data pack. This personalized commentary data pack is returned securely through a separate server, linked to More Than Healthy’s coded S-Drive, all within about 15 minutes. Our More Than Healthy’s S-Drive program then automatically unpacks the data and creates the personalized PDF report. You will receive this report in your email.

What can hair analysis reveal?

The amount of information available through hair analysis is truly astounding. The Hair Analysis Report, titled “90-Day Optimize Immunity and Wellbeing” is a thorough, comprehensive, and easy way to review the information derived from your hair scan. In future videos and posts, we will be breaking down various pages of the report and teaching you how to take full advantage of the information available in that section. 

Let’s review the main sections available in each report:

  • Introduction
  • Key Optimization Overview of all your Key Indicators
  • Energetic Indicators
  • Personal Immune System Support Indicators
  • Gut Support Indicators
  • Circulatory Support Indicators
  • Frequency Interference Indicators
  • Vitamins Indicators
  • Minerals Indicators
  • Fatty Acids Indicators
  • Antioxidant Indicators
  • Amino Acids Indicators
  • Environmental Challenge Indicators
  • Resistance Indicators (Viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungus, molds/spores)
  • Food Restrictions (i.e. food sensitivities)
  • Your 90-Day Step-by-Step Optimize Plan
  • Self-Check Progress Pages for Day 1, Day 30, Day 60, and Day 90


What do you do after you get your hair analysis results?

Based on the results of these pages, we will prioritize what should be addressed first. The first step will often be a gentle cleanse to help get rid of stressors such as toxic metals, chemicals, mold/spores, fungi, parasites, viruses, bacteria, etc. We recommend a gentle cleanse called CleanseR, available here. For really difficult cases you might need a more aggressive cleanse, but you would want to consult your doctor first. 

After doing a More Than Healthy Hair Analysis, I will do a free 15-minute consultation with each client. I can help get you on a customized supplement packet that is completely tailored to precisely what your body needs. (Read more about this amazing supplement option here.) The OHS blend of supplements we recommend is typically 20% cheaper than if you were to buy each supplement separately. 

Remember, we are not doctors, and we’re only making health recommendations. You should always consult your doctor when making significant changes to your lifestyle.

Take your health to the next level through hair analysis

As a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, I have a lot more confidence in making recommendations about what my clients can do to help take their health to the next level once they’ve done this hair analysis. Having this information clearly spelled out is so empowering, for both my clients and for me! It now takes me much less effort to convince them what they need to do.  

Sometimes my role becomes more cautionary as I try to convince my clients not to make too many changes at once. It’s important not to overdo it. Don’t try to do everything at once! I love helping clients figure out a plan that makes sense. If you have heavy metals and molds or a fungus, for example, we should work on those first. Once that’s under control, the supplementation will be much more effective. 

Being too aggressive in cleansing and detoxing can be dangerous, and can actually cause more issues than help. I try to caution all of our followers to start low and go slow is my motto. Remember, David’s story of reversing his health has been an 8-year journey – and we’re still working on it. There is no quick fix when it comes to improving health, but with hair analysis, we can get it back on track a lot quicker.  

Why we are “More Than Healthy”

Starting a new company wasn’t always the plan. We had successfully sold our previous company and retired, planning to travel, play pickleball, and spend time with our grandkids. I always say the last thing David and I needed to do was start another business! But we feel it is our mission to help people that are struggling like David was. That’s why we felt driven to start More Than Healthy.

Looking at David now, it’s hard to believe how much pain and suffering he was enduring. Now he is six years older, but in almost every area of his life, he’s a younger version of himself. His metabolic age keeps going down even though he’s getting older. He just turned 66, which was the metabolic age he tested at four years ago. Now his metabolic age is 62! So, even though four years have passed, he has reversed his age by four years! That’s a total of an eight-year reversal, and he can feel it! He is living an extremely active, pain-free life. And we’ve never been more excited about all the information we have to improve his health even more.

Is hair analysis for you?

You, too, can reclaim your health and take steps to reverse the aging process. It’s no secret that you’ve got to take your health into your own hands these days. YOU are the only one that truly knows what’s going on in your body. Many times you don’t know why you’re sluggish, have skin issues, pain, diarrhea, constipation, brain fog, indigestion, bloating, or gas. Chances are, you’ve spent lots of time and money trying to treat the symptoms, but no one has helped you treat the root cause of your problems. 

With a hair analysis, we can help you figure out what you can do to stop these symptoms altogether. Often it comes down to adding or removing certain foods. Sometimes you will have to add supplements or change a lifestyle habit to get the relief you’re looking for. As your More Than Healthy health coaches, we are passionate about helping you on this journey to optimize your health and excited to start this journey together!

How can you get your More Than Healthy Hair Analysis?

An additional bonus about hair analysis is that it is affordable!  There are two options available. If you live in the Utah County area and wish to do an in-person analysis, the cost is $150, and you’ll get your results in about 15 minutes. You will also get a free 15-minute consultation with a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor to review your 36-page report.

If you live outside the area, you can order a test mailed to you for $150; it includes a postage-paid return envelope. Your free 15-minute consultation with be provided over a Zoom meeting.

There is also the option to purchase additional Functional Nutrition Counseling to help you on your journey to achieve optimal healthy and immunity. To learn more, just click here for more information.

Get started getting ‘more than healthy’ today

As always, we enjoy hearing from you. If you have health questions on anything we’ve discussed or really any issue you can find us on our social media pages on Facebook or Instagram (@morethanhealthyliving). We try to respond to all questions. 

We’d love to coach you on your journey to optimal health. Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you next week.