Get rid of the guesswork. Get to know YOUR body with a Hair Analysis Test & Personalized Coaching

Hair Analysis Test

Understand your body’s biomarkers, ratios, and imbalances with our comprehensive hair analysis test.

How It Works

1 Month Program

$280 $150
  • 1 Mailed Hair Analysis Kit
  • 36 Page Comprehensive Report + 90-Day Optimization Plan
  • 1 Month of Live Group Health Coaching

6 Month Program

$1,430 $1,000
  • Three Hair Analysis Kits (Second Test at 90 Days, 3rd Test at 180 Days)
  • 36 Page Comprehensive Report + 90-Day Optimization Plan
  • 6 Months of Live Group Health Coaching
  • Elimination Protocol
  • Two 60 min- One on One Coaching with Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor

Happy Customers, Healthy Reviews

I love the hair analysis test! I’ve had two tests to compare the improvement by doing the suggested additions, and I feel much more confident on what to personally do to have optimum health! Thank you, Carla and Dave, for always being top-notch on your research, and sharing your findings to help others.

Kym Kirk

The amount of information I got was shocking! I feel like I've reclaimed my health through the Meine's and the Hair Analysis. Not only did I lose some weight immediately, but I am sleeping better, have more energy, and am not feeling as inflamed, worn down, and tired as before. I have better clarity, and a map before me of what my body needs at this moment in time.

Jason Hewlett

I was very impressed with the hair analysis and recommend everyone get one! I thought I was in good health, but could not believe that this test said I have “mold and fungus” exposure, plus EMFs. I can’t believe this test can reveal so much about what is going on in my body.

I am working on adding more needed supplements, improving my gut health, and cleansing of these toxins. Thanks David and Carla for helping me discover this. I recommend everyone get this done, as it is very affordable

Natalie Hale