Grilled Ribeye Steak Recipe

By: Carla Meine CFNC

| April 26, 2021

We love a good steak, and this grass-fed ribeye is one of our favorites.  I like to coat it with avocado oil, season it, and then grill it on an outdoor bbq.  I like to make extra to have it on a steak salad, steak tacos, or make my stroganoff with it.  There are a lot of options for a good grilled steak.


2 – 12-14 oz grass-fed Ribeye steaks (pull out to get to room temperature)

Avocado oil

Montreal Steak Seasoning (this is the one we like – if you select your favorite,  make sure it’s gluten-free)


Heat up your grill to high (450°).  Pour avocado oil over the steaks on both sides and then generously season them with your favorite steak seasoning.  Grill 5-8 minutes on one side (depending on thickness and how done you want them). Turn over and grill until you reach your desired temperature.  We like ours medium-rare so we cook it to 130*.  If you want it medium 140° and medium-well 150°