Fish Tacos Recipe

By: Carla Meine CFNC

| April 27, 2021

Whenever I make fish (especially halibut) I always make extra so I can make these tacos in the next couple days.  I love to have these on butter lettuce or romaine but you can also put them on gluten-free tortillas.


4 oz flaky white fish like cod or halibut

4 – large butter lettuce or 2 romaine leaves

1/4 cup guacamole

1/4 large head organic green cabbage

1/4 small head of organic red cabbage

1 organic orange, peeled and cut into small pieces

3 limes, juiced

3 TBSP extra virgin olive oil

3 TBSP chopped organic cilantro

Sour cream with hot sauce mixed in (if you’re on level 4)


Make the coleslaw first by adding green cabbage, red cabbage, orange, lime juice, olive oil cilantro in a bowl and mixing it up.  I like to do this early in the day so the flavors have a chance to blend.

Place 2 butter lettuce leaves on top of each other to form two tacos (or two romaine leaves to make 2 tacos). Spread half the guacamole on each taco. Add some coleslaw mixture. Top with 2 oz of fish on each. If in level four, drizzle a little sour cream mixed with gluten-free hot sauce. Serve with a lime wedge.