Unlocking the Leaky Gut Code

A Customied Journey to Optimal Health

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From Part 2, Chapter 2, Finding Your WHY to Achieving Your Optimal Health.

Below is an example of how David journaled each day to increase personal accountability. He used a simple checklist and reported on his phone when he was working to eliminate NSAIDs

MTH Food Journaling Form

Bristol Stool Chart

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You can easily record this script yourself on the Voice Memo App on your smartphone.

Creating Optimal Health Visualization Script. Every day in every way, you have a powerful desire to be fit, healthy, and active. Writing down your goal will begin the process of creating a positive belief cycle. The next twenty-eight days of visualizing (your goal) will give you the mental strength that will help you create your optimal health. You will become more aware of the many positive reasons to create your optimal health.Any past barriers that have held you back from creating your optimal health are now dissolving and disappearing. Every day that you do this visualization exercise, you will become more and more relaxed as you strengthen your belief to achieve your optimal health. Your attitude grows more positive each passing day. Each day you will feel healthier. You are focused on (your goal). You do this because you want to be healthier. You do this because you want to feel stronger and live life more fully. You have a powerful desire to be healthy. As you stay focused on (your goal), you will begin to notice changes in health. Each day, you begin to feel the way you want to feel—strong, energetic, and vigorous. You are now creating new ways of thinking about yourself and your health. You are emerging with a wonderful awareness of your enjoyment of living.

Your body’s natural process for creating healthy energy and vitality keeps you feeling great. Your body thrives on your new positive mental attitude. You find so much pleasure in being good to yourself. You now focus on taking the best possible care of your body, both inside and out. As each day passes, your inner mind becomes convinced that you truly want to create your optimal health. This new belief about creating your optimal health is making a vivid, deep, and permanent impression on your subconscious mind. And each day in your daily life, you become more and more aware of a wonderful feeling of personal confidence. You gain confidence in the realization that each day brings you one step closer to achieving (your goal). For each day is a vital step in problem-solving and changing your behavior. By creating your optimal health, you will enjoy a fuller, richer, and more expressive life. Each day you will become more confident, strong, consistent, rock-solid, and dedicated to creating your optimal health. As your belief grows that you can improve your health, you will realize how powerful your mind can be in creating those positive changes that you desire.